This review of the TV show The Sopranos says that:

Bruce Springsteen has even referred to Van Zandt as his consiglieri.

Steve Van Zandt is Bruce Springsteen guitarist and he also plays the character Silvio Dante who is Tony Soprano's consiglieri in the show.

Searching with google always refer to the show and the fact that Steve is actor/guitarist so I didn't find any source of this alleged Bruce Springsteen statement.

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I wasn't able to find any direct quote from Springsteen, but Van Zandt does refer to himself that way in an interview with Billboard Magazine:

My relationship with Bruce was the same relationship that Silvio had with Tony Soprano. Silvio was not afraid of Tony. Bruce and I grew up together, so I’m never going to be afraid of him. You want a buffer in between the leader and the day-to-day problems that a band has. [Longtime Springsteen tour director] George Travis fulfills that role for Bruce now, but in the old days, I was that guy. I was a very good consigliere.

There's also any number of references to Van Zandt as the consigliere of the E Street Band, independent of the show (although likely influenced by it).


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