Trying to figure out the name of a traditional Scottish (and not Irish folk song I heard on the Ed Miller radio show last year. I recall it was performed by a woman and I know I found a video of her performing it on YouTube at one point. But, given it's traditional, I'm sure it's been performed by others as well.

The "plot" of the song, as it were, is that a young man is traveling somewhere and happens to join paths with a woman. I believe it's either stated directly or indirectly that she's married. At some point he tries to get her to give him a kiss, and she demures. I think at some point she calls him foolish, or something like that.

Unfortunately that's all I remember. Have spent about an hour googling and haven't found anything yet.


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Found it. "Old Ballymoe," as performed by Cathy Jordan. The narrator is a young man who has never been kissed. He falls for a woman from "Old Ballymoe" but she turns out to be married with six kids.

Lyrics here: http://www.countysongs.ie/song/old-ballymoe

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    I'm answering my own question; the answer is correct because it's the song I was trying to remember. I provided a link to a video of Jordan performing the song and a link to the lyrics. What other context could I have provided?
    – jph
    Apr 5, 2018 at 13:35
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    We're glad that you've answered your own question, and we appreciate you coming back to tell us, but we're also trying to build a resource here that can help others. I edited your answer to include the kind of details we are looking for. Jun 26, 2018 at 14:33

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