For a week now a melody of one song is haunting me. Every day the melody gets clearer but still I cant remember the lyrics. I am quite sure that this song was originally in the Sony Ericsson w800i phone. So please, if you had the phone, maybe you remember what songs were originally inside? Or if someone still has it and it works, please charge it and check if there is any media inside?

I dont remember the words. But it was a women singing. And couple of days ago I heard Jamie Woon - "Night air" and some of the moments remind me the song I am looking. The song in Sony started with a soft nice melody singing "bapbapbaabap..." (in Night air song 3.34 has the same soft women voice). Entire song was a bit cosmic and soft. It would be the easiest if someone has a working Sony Ericsson phone :)

I would be so relieved and so thankful for you if thanks to you I could find out what song it is...

Please help me!!


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Creo que te refieres a la canción de They de Jem

English translation:

I think you mean the song "They" by Jem.

It has the soft womens' voices singing "Bap! Bap! Bap! Bap!" (a sample of the Swingle Singers' "Prelude in F") It came out in 2004, which is around the same time as the phone.

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