I'd like to find the name of this song that's been popping up in my head all day. Although I don't remember the lyrics I do remember the music video in some detail:

In the whole video it appears a brown/beige hairy monster that looks really similar to the blue monster in the animation movie Monsters, Inc.. Almost every scene just shows this monster running in some arid place. The most peculiar aspect of the video is the detail of the body-hair of the monster and how realistically it moves when the monster runs. The video has some sort of slow-motion effect which makes this moving body-hair almost hypnotizing to see.

In addition, if I remember correctly, there was also a radio which the monster turned on and off like implicating that the music came from it, or something like that.

If it helps to narrow the possibilities down, this song is at least 4 years old and it is the happy&can't-help-but-dancing type (quite subjectively speaking of course).

I'd really appreciate this brain itching to go away. Thank you!


Any chance it was Flying Lotus' Phantasm? Not danceable (to my taste) but it's got the brown, hairy monster going through the desert and it's exactly 4 years old.

  • No, that's not it. Definitely not danceable to me neither. The one I'm looking for is more like Radioactive. I didn't want to say that at first because since I realized that similarity I am no longer able to try to remember the song without it popping in my head. Thanks for the effort though. – Jonatan B. Bastos Apr 11 '18 at 18:33

Is it "Of Monsters and Men" - Dirty Paws? Shows Monster running through an arid place carrying a flag to music that I certainly would dance to. Also released in 2012, no radio though.

  • No. Sorry for the confusion; I didn’t know ‘arid’ had more than one meaning (English is not my mother tongue). I meant ‘arid’ as in dry, with just bits of vegetation here and there, desertical. I’m upvoting this answer though because, other than that confusion, it fits the description perfectly (maybe with the but that this is still not so danceable to me, but again I’m aware that’s subjective). Thanks for answering! – Jonatan B. Bastos Apr 12 '18 at 23:25

I finally found the song. It is Wonderful life, by Seeed. I don't how I could forget the fact that the monster is wearing a suit on the music video. Also, I wasn't remembering correctly; there is no such "radio thing".


I know this is old, but could the song be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQC0Q1b-h7U

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    That's not the song. The original song was found a long time ago (the answer with the green check mark). – PiedPiper Dec 27 '19 at 20:49

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