This song was used in a DayZ themed Minecraft server back in (2013)? I believe the server was called MineZ. It had a custom texture pack that I do not know the name of. The song is at least 6 years old. I have a low quality recording of the song, which I have provided a link to below. I think it may be indie because no song recognition programs can find it. Here is the link to the recording on Google Drive and a song finding community.



  • I will give a +50 bounty to whoever finds this song. I don't currently have a bounty set in case it expires before the track is found. – user180969 Dec 7 at 0:13

It's a variation on the famous Pachelbel Canon in D chord progression. In D it would be:

Pachelbel: D A bm f#m G D G A

Yours: D A bm em G D c#m GA (or something like that)

That might not help you find the exact track, but it might put you on the trail of something similar.

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