The instrumental part sounds similar to a slower version of Jerk It Out By Caeser's Palace. It is sung by a guy. It constantly repeats: "Whoa oh oh oh oh" then lyrics that sound something like "And then we talk about it, and then we talk about it whoa oh oh oh oh" but I'm not sure what the actual words are. I think it's from the 1980s.


I believe the track you are looking for is Saturn 5 by Inspiral Carpets. Here's a link to hear it on the youtube... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03cy86u6Wi4

It has the organ sounding riff that features in Jerk It Out, has some "woah woahs", and is from the 90s, which is very close to the 80s!


Could it be Lights by Journey? The biggest similarity is the prominent, repeated "whoa-oh" line. A sped up version of the instrumental part could conceivably have a passing resemblance to the "Jerk it Out" riff.

However, it is not a lyrical match.

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