I recently acquired a Lucia di Lammermoor recording conducted by Nino Sanzogno (1959, Milano).

According to the information I have found on the album cover and on the Internet, these were the performers (correct me if I am wrong):

  • Enrico (baritono): Ettore Bastianini
  • Lucia (soprano): Renata Scotto
  • Edgardo (tenore): Giuseppe di Stefano
  • Arturo (tenore): Franco Ricciardi
  • Raimondo (basso): Ivo Vinco
  • Alisa (mezzosoprano): Stefania Malagù
  • Chorus: Coro della Scala
  • Orchestra: Orchestra della Scala
  • Normanno (tenore): ?

Who played Normanno? Could it be Franco Ricciardi playing two roles? (Arturo and Normanno)

Some references

The album's catalog number is OPD 1492 (Opera D'Oro is the label and 1492 the release number). I have found a couple of different releases of the same recording, by different labels. For example, released by Myto Historical with number #00207.

Some (back) covers

You can see Normanno is missing or appears as "N. N.":


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It seems it might have been Franco Ricciardi, playing two roles (Arturo and Normanno).

In the MYTO 2009 album release back cover it seems to appear his name:


Another reference can be found in esdf-opera.de.


That is definitely the case that Ricciardi doubled up the roles of Arturo and Normanno, as this was a studio recording, not live as is sometimes mistakenly claimed, and anyone with good ears may hear that it is the same voice.

  • Your answer is backed up by the link in the other answer to [esdf](esdf-opera.de) which shows "Ricciardi, Franco" doubling these two roles.
    – Angst
    Dec 31, 2021 at 14:28

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