I'm about to get married and a friend of ours offered to play cello at our ceremony. However, he suggested pieces which we find rather slow and solemn (e.g. Bach Suite No. 1) and we think the occasion asks for something happier, more uptempo. Of course we asked him, but we would also like to come up with something on our own. Could anyone suggest something happy and uptempo for cello? Doesn't have to be classical music, might as well be contemporary.



  • If you want to play pop music, the cello can replace the bass guitar. Are you talking of cello solo or with other musicians (singer, ...)? – Karlo May 21 '18 at 13:27

Cello is kind of a solemn instrument --so deep and resonant. You might have your best luck with transcriptions of songs usually played by other instruments.

Canon in D is a popular wedding favorite. Usually the cello just does the baseline, but I'm sure you can find a transcription for solo cello. Sheep May Safely Graze is another popular favorite, as is Boccherini's Minuet in E Major.

  • Hi Chris, thank you very much, I figured as well that cello is not quite the right instrument for uptempo music. Anyway, your suggestions are helpful, thanks! – blasthaus May 15 '18 at 8:19

Take the time, to listen through these two movements of a cello sonata by Marcello (I suspect the truncation is caused by a Suzuki edition.) The first seems to support the somwhat restricting statement of the other answer, while the second in my opinion disproves it. This is no exception, there is no bias to slow movements in the repertoire but may well exist in the perception. (Even in Bachs Suite No. 1, the Gigue can hardly considered as slow.)

Another of my favourites is Delices of solitude by Michel Corette, 6 colourful sonatas. Searching for Cello AND Allegro should provide more than sufficient hits to find a couple of delightful pieces you like.


The recent Royal wedding here in the UK brings some suggestions to mind. While the bride and the rest of the party went to sign the paperwork, award-winning cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason played 3 pieces :  "Sicilienne" by Maria Theresa von Paradis (not known to me before this), "Apres un reve" by Faure, and "Ave Maria" by Schubert. The last is often chosen for weddings. None of them uptempo, but uplifting all the same.

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