Queensrÿche in 1988 gave us the rock opera Operation: Mindcrime.

It tells the tale of Nikki who succumbs to the underworld of crime. We learn of his love of a nun, Sister Mary, who later gets killed. The lyrics of "Spreading The Disease" speak of prostitution. So I wonder if she was the prostitute.

The underworld boss instructs Nikki to kill her, making me think she is a loose end, possibly already having had untoward relations with the boss.

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We are first introduced to Mary in Track 06: Spreading the Disease.

The lyrics of this track identify a new character "she", with a backstory as a sex worker:

She always brings me what I need
Without I beg and sweat and bleed
When we're alone at night
Waiting for the call
She feeds my skin

Sixteen and on the run from home
Found a job in Times Square
Working Live S&M shows
Twenty-five bucks (a fuck)
And John's a happy man
She wipes the filth away
And it's back on the streets again


Later in this track, "she" becomes "Sister Mary":


Father William saved her from the streets
She drank the lifeblood from the saviour's feet
She's Sister Mary now, eyes as cold as ice
He takes her once a week
On the alter like a sacrifice


If you need any further evidence, in Track 08: Suite Sister Mary, this character is described (in rather unflattering terms):


Mary, Mary just a whore for the underground
They made you pay in guilt for your salvation
Thought you had them fooled? Now they've sent me for you
You know too much for your own good


It's quite unambiguous if you read the lyrics.


Yes. The lyrics of the song Spreading the Disease make this fairly clear and Chris Degarmo said of the song in a track by track breakdown:

Geoff Tate does a vocal rap about the indoctrination process, and the songs >brings in the character of Mary who is a former prostitute.

source: http://www.users.totalise.co.uk/~bigoleg/queensryche/om/features/om_inhis.html

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