I was watching some Tv (I don't remember the channel) before falling asleep and caught a amazing music video, but I couldn't get the name because it was in a slavic language (possibly russian or ukrainian). From what I can remember, it sounded like indie-folk, the singer was male and had a soft voice.

The video-clip showed a old couple doing all sorts of kid-like things together, here's the things I remember:

  • sneaking into a house's pool, they had to escape after the owner saw them.
  • some girls asked the old lady to take a picture, but as she was taking the photo she ran away with the phone, which she later used to take pictures with her man.
  • dancing below a sea dock.
  • going surfing together.

Near the end, the couple is sitting with some sparklers besides them and the man tumbles over, pretending to be unconcious, but was actually pranking her. There were more parts with them dancing around with sparklers. We get quick glimpses at the singer too.

  • Sigur Ros has a very similar video for their song Hoppípolla". Maybe this will help by looking for videos inspired by Sigur Ros somehow. – Karolis Koncevičius Aug 1 '20 at 12:14

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