Do the symbols at 1:30 in that video mean anything?

Screenshot: enter image description here


Someone here on deviant art claims to have a translation for all the symbols. By that reckoning the word above is "SUCESSFULLY" (sic), and the full message is as follows:

Greetings listener, you now have sucessfully unlocked our code. Thank you for ta ting thu time to do that as a re-ward: you shall re-cieve a treasure that suits your extra ordinary a bil ly ties. Please contact us through listener at the fat rat dot com to claim your re-ward, thank you ver ry (very) much.

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  • Thanks for the edit, I was looking at the word almost at 1:30 in the vid, rather than the one in the shot attached to the question. – Angst Aug 4 '18 at 15:05

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