In Blood Simple (1984), at the end of the movie, what music was played when Abby slams the window down on Visser's wrist? (The music serves as the ironical counterpoint to what is actually happening in the scene.)

Link to the scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VE5Sxk-3IQM

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It is definitely Rogaciano by Miguel Aceves Mejia. The soundtrack is listed in Wikipedia as not appearing on the 1987 album, but being used in the film.

The high notes are definitely of a male singer, so it is not Anahi by Maria Luisa Buchino as suggested in @SqlACID's answer. Although I do not know the precise terminology, one can also definitely notice that Rogaciano hits the same notes as the music in that part of the movie, whereas Anahi does not.


Is it: "Anahi" performed by Maria Luisa Buchino and her Llameros


It's very faint and a little hard to hear with all the screaming, but that song is listed on the soundtrack.

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