In this clip from the 1955 Stanley Kubrick movie The Killer's Kiss, a jazzy song plays in the background. It has piano and brass, and sounds a little bit Latin.

I've tried a lot to find what is this song, thx in advance ! PS i've already tried Shazam and SoundHound


The music credit for the film is to Gerald Fried. There's also a book, text from Google Books, called Listening to Stanley Kubrick: The Music in His Films which has some words about "semi-improvised popular music to represent a shady character" and "Latin jazz".

Putting all that together, I'd suggest it's an untitled , possibly improvised piece by Gerald Fried, associated with the Vince Rappallo character in the film.

There's similar music, for example in this other clip

There are a number of named pieces in the soundtrack - but it doesn't sound like any of them :

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