In the video Leonard Cohen: Tower of Song - A Memorial Tribute Documentary by Jack Bender available on Vimeo, there's a montage starting around 1:20:00.

Parts of the lyrics:

My heart will be hers for less than a second

Our lives will collide

And she will be born to someone like you

And that is the longing

I can't figure out the title of this song on Spotify, and all google searches on any of the phrases heard only point to collections of poems like The Book of Longing. Does anyone know the title of this song? Maybe it's not even recorded as a song, but only part of a live performance?

Thank you for any suggestions!

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    The lyrics look to be lines from a poem called "The book of longing", : could it be he's reciting the poem over music rather than singing ? `>My heart will be hers >Impersonally >She'll step on the path >She'll see what I mean >My will cut in half >And freedom between >For less than a second >Our lives will collide >The endless suspended >The door open wide >Then she will be born >To someone like you >What no one has done >She'll continue to do > know she is coming >know she will look >And that is the longing >And this is the book” – Angst Aug 8 at 20:17

If you watch it in context, it seems to be a recording of Cohen reading his poetry, with a live choir and band playing music over top of it.

As the last images fade out, the choir is revealed on stage, and the program goes straight into another similar reading, this time more fully orchestrated.

The notes on the video label this as the "Shaar Hashomayim Choir." They collaborated with Cohen on his last studio album, including on the more fully rendered song/poem "You Want it Darker." There doesn't seem to be any studio recording of the first song/poem, "Book of Longing." Maybe it was one considered for the album, but not included.

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