I was watching this video and this song came on right at 26:47, which is a song I had heard in elementary school in a music class. I believe the file's name was "Charizard"? but I don't remember exactly. I remember the MIDI started out with a helicopter patch.

I'd love to know what this song is. I would be blown away if someone has a link to that MIDI file. https://youtu.be/FqH57-qJc9Q?t=786

  • If you want to downvote it can you share what would make a question better? I've spent a lot of time looking and I'm out of ideas. – joshua.thomas.bird Aug 12 '18 at 18:27
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    Welcome to the site! I wasn't the downvoter, but here are a few improvements I made to your question: 1) No generic titles, please, we have hundreds of "what is this song" 2) There are a lot of songs in that video. It was good to supply a timestamped video, but specifying which song you mean helps. 3) In general, link-based song ID questions are not favored here, although we get a lot of them, because they are not likely to help anyone else. – Chris Sunami supports Monica Aug 13 '18 at 21:26

I'm not sure who the artist is on this specific version, but it is a cover or variation/re-mix of the theme song music from the 1980's TV series Airwolf.

You can hear the helicopter sound you mentioned right at the beginning of the original version.

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