I'm trying to identify a song featured during a dorm party scene of an episode of the TV series, Felicity.

The episode it is titled, Hot Objects (1.03) and the party scene features several transitions between 3 or 4 songs, before finally Felicity's "tape" is played instead of music.

Additionally the song I'm looking for is on the DVD-version ONLY, as the original airing soundtrack had to be changed upon home release due to copyright issues.

About the scene:

  1. The song I'm looking for is the first song to played right after Noel asks Felicity to save a dance.
  2. The scene starts off with the lot people dancing/mingling, including a recurring character with red hair, whom appears to be an English major and RA like Noel, proposing that the word "tardy" will probably never be used after collage. She goes on to suggest the same with "hall pass" and hall "monitors".
  3. The next scene features some random guy sitting on a couch with a random girl, telling her she has really pretty eyes. She says, "Oh my god." and they make out.
  4. In the next scene Felicity laughs to herself, as she looks over the chocolate Noel remembered to get for her.
  5. The final scene with this song is a shot of Sansa's Russian uncle playing DJ, as he switches songs.

Felicity Noel - at Dorm Party

About the song:

  1. The song is sung in French, and the lyrics are:

Par ici la monnaie
Quelqu'un que je connais
Fait justement collection de jolis biftons
Ceux qui ont le portefeuille on sait ce qu'ils préfèrent
Comme des millions de gens
C'est au supermarché
Que ...

  1. The song might be sung by either a male or female performer.
  2. The song sounds like light techno and/or punk rock. It feels like something that could of easily turned up on Alias and/or something like a foreign version of Blonde or the Pretenders.

Don't know how long it will stay up, but I found the episode with the right music! However I think the audio is bit slower than it ought to be, but the song I'm looking for starts @ about 36:22 and goes to about 37:12.



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The song is "Par Ici La Monnaie," by Étienne Charry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z67Tvr-HJNI

  • YES! Thank you so much! I feel like I have been looking for a century! :D Jul 13, 2020 at 14:14

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