In 2011, tying into the TV series Fringe, Bad Robot Productions either hired a series of musicians or a semi-well known band, to record an album (both on vinyl and digitally) titled Seven Suns to represent Walter's favorite in-universe band, Violet Sedan Chair.

Fringe Violet Sedan Chair

As stated in the following article, The Fringe EPs/JJ Abrams never told fans who was behind this late 60's vintage-esque album with psychedelic progressive flavor and I was wondering if anyone could make an educated guess, if the Wired author is correct in their guesses, or if someone found information that I never did??

The Fringe brain trust has remained tight-lipped about the musicians and producers featured on the album, but Kane offered up her own theories.

"The music makes me think Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but I'm no musicologist," said Kane, who runs Memebase. "It's a lovely '60-'70s transitional psychedelic/folk progression. While not quite believable as a 'found' vintage album, it hearkens to a lot of great modern musicians who go back to a similar vibe, like Charlatans UK and Guided By Voices.

Here are a couple of songs on album for you to sample that I'm most interested in, Seven Suns (Rising) or Last Man in Space.


On the disc cover (vinyl edition) it says that artists are Roscoe Joyce, Davey Plunkett, Joe Priest, Richard Lather, Mick Michaels. This is as far as I could find, when I did look up in 2010.

Obviously Roscoe Joyce is fictional character, but could be the fifth musician (head of the "Violet Sedan Chair").

My guess is that Roscoe Joyce is J. J. Abrams himself.

  • Do you mean you think one of the names (outside or Roscoe) is a real musician name, such as Mick Michaels?? Although Abrams has admitted to some soundtrack contributions, I'm more inclined to think they hired talent like they did on LOST with The Donkeys posing as the fictional Geronimo Jackson. That is also what many articles with EPs implied when the vinyl dropped. So I don't think it is Abrams alone. – Darth Locke Nov 6 '18 at 16:51

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