I heard of this song some time ago. I'm pretty sure the name of the song is "Hast du für mich Zeit", but I can't find the song on Google or YouTube.

It's a song sung by several little girls, probably 7 to 9 from the sounds of it.

I believe it's orchestrated by some German dude, but I can't remember his name! He made a lot of songs sung by children.

Could somebody identify the song for me, please!?

Much appreciated!!!

  • I also tried that phrase on Google and YouTube and also failed to find it!
    – Pikachu620
    Sep 3, 2018 at 7:47

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It's Jürgen Albrecht & die Kinder vom fröhlichen Dutzend "Kinderparty".

From their looks, they're from the 70s or 80s!? Lord have mercy!


I'm not pretty sure which song you are looking for. While I knew a German singer-songwriter who named Matthias Reim and one of his songs is Hast Du Zeit. I will show you a youtube link on the below. Please kindly update to me whether the song is correct or wrong.


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