I have tried searching for the lyrics...

I have tried with "song identify" apps...


Is a remix of a doo wop song. But i dont know the name of the original song or the artist of the mix.

Any help?



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This is the 1955 song "Little Did I Dream" by the Twilighters.

It was difficult to understand the lyrics, but I eventually figured out what they were saying, and after that it was easy to find. The remix version is sped up, but it's clearly the same song.

It appears to have been fairly obscure (not a hit), and it's not clear which of several groups using the name "The Twilighters" recorded it.

  • Fantastic, Thanks a lot for your reply. Based on that i will look for the mix. Thanks a lot once again.
    – jota
    Sep 4, 2018 at 19:56

Hey I just heard this song and spent hours trying to find it and finally I did!

The remixed version you are looking for is called Little Dream by an artist called Dj Quads. I found it on YouTube, and it’s also on SoundCloud!

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