I thought I had a wrongly ripped mp3 of this song but even when I listen it on Spotify I can hear a jump/interruption/scratch between 4:07 - 4:09 it's really annoying, why this happened to the song? was a record studio mistake?

Of all the versions that I found on the Spotify:

I failed to hear any scratches cuts/jumps, including on the 4:07-4:09. The track seems to play correctly without any glitches.

The official YouTube VEVO seems using the cut version given its duration (4:31 on YouTube vs 5:05 on Spotify), and the corresponding timestamp seems to be at 3:55. However, the track also seems to play correctly without any glitches/jumps.

Thus, my conclusion is: the ripped MP3 seems to be corrupted, and then it got uploaded to the YouTube (never trust unofficial uploaders).

  • youtube.com/watch?v=pTIBjds39kM at 4:09 it's very clear the jump – Ivanzinho Sep 25 at 23:09
  • The first link you added there is a pretty clear jump, it also breaks the song tempo or BPM, it's easily recognizable... – Ivanzinho Sep 26 at 14:40

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