I have a cut part of a song possibly from at its start in the link below. But I don't know its title or artist name, so please someone let me know its title and or artist name.

The link is: dropbox link


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    Hi and welcome to the site. Even though you gave a link, please also describe the song and give information about how you heard it, and also give this post a better title. We have too many posts called "what is this song?" --we cannot tell them apart. – Chris Sunami supports Monica Sep 14 '18 at 14:17
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    The link to the music seems to be dead. – Brahadeesh May 13 at 18:05

I personally do not know this track, however, I used SoundHound to id it and it's given me "Wait For Me" by Giraffe Squad. I've listened to your clip and the SoundHound track. Pretty sure that it is this track.

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