Here is the song on YouTube.

I can't find the lyrics anywhere so I decided to write down what I have so far and you might be able to help me.

You’ve got wake up _____________
Only ten more minutes won't do me no harm
I'm in the red light and I'm going to be late
For my dead end job with the people I hate

Whatever happened to the people like me 
Working on dead end jobs ___________
Till they get by, man I don't have a choice
I can't say it any louder 'cause I'm losing my voice

Face it, I'm gonna spend all my time
With a case of cheap beer and a _______ (box full of wine)
I'm drinking all night just to get through the day
Got keep my ______ before drinking away


 _______ backwards just to stay on my feet
Maybe this 9 to 5 just wasn't for me
Why’d I spend time doing something I hate
When I can stand here screaming at the edge of the stage


With you!

You've got wake up, snooze the alarm

Working on dead end jobs ending up in the street

Got keep my spirits up before drinking away

Moving backwards just to stay on my feet

The 'box full of wine' you heard seems right (but note: I'm not a native speaker).

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