I'm trying to remember the singer of a children's song I listened to in the late 80's, possibly on a 7 inch vinyl or a cassette tape. It was a single male singer and the lyrics included repeating "where could baby be, oh where could baby be?" The lyrics also included listing places to look for the baby - underneath the stairs, in the hall, etc. In each case, repeating the question, then where to look, then that the baby wasn't found. I think the lyrics for a standard verse were approximately this:

Where could baby be, oh where could baby be?

I will look underneath the stairs.

Oh no, oh no, baby isn't there, no baby isn't there.

The final line may have been "no one's there at all" rather than "baby isn't there". The song ended with the baby being found in either its crib or bed.

Does anyone remember this song? My Googling has not turned up any results.


The answer is Peek-a-Boo by Tom Glazer from his album Music For Ones and Twos.

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