I have an url link of this video from Cowboy Bebop, I have seen it many times, but I just interested and chill with the piano play at the soundtrack.Is Anyone know what is the genre of jazz or music style of that elite soundtrack?


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It's just a piano/violin duet from the sounds of it. I wouldn't classify this as jazz necessarily. It sounds like a movie score more than a 'genre' in my opinion. 'Smooth Jazz' would be your best bet, it isn't quite 'Cool Jazz'.

  • thk you,i did find that the smooth jazz and romantic smooth jazz piano play similar to this,but it's still not one hundred percent correct.i thought it was jazz because it has some post modern style and jazz chords. – Lan... Oct 10 at 1:17
  • it's not at all smooth jazz – Some_Guy Oct 10 at 6:02

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