During the fifth season of The Good Wife composer David Buckley has new variations and adds bits of new score to the series overall soundtrack.

There is one small bit that plays in a few scenes mostly related to investigator, Kalinda Sharma and her contentious relationship with cop, Jenna Villette, and Jenna's relationship with mob lawyer, Damian Boyle, who's now a new lawyer at the firm Kalinda works for. Here's one such clip Mark - 3:39-3:57

The beginnings of this bit of score sounds VERY similar to the beginnings of another bit of score from Michael Giachhino compositions on TV show Alias, often used in scene where something bad or tragic happens to Sydney.

This is not the exact score from Alias that I am thinking of, but it is in line with that score and is still similar enough to The Good Wife piece that I think one can get the idea.

Mark - 1:38-1:58 in this clip from Alias (Warning Alias spoilers in video!)

In addition there are other possible references to Alias or even this "derivative copyright" idea in the fifth season of The Good Wife.

  1. Actress Melissa George reoccurs throughout the fifth season playing character Marilyn Garbanza. On Alias her character is a season 3 villain infiltrating the CIA through her new marriage with Micheal Vaughn, while she also has fling with Julian Sark. On The Good Wife her character is teased as an antagonist, as Eli believes that Peter is the father of her baby, as her character won't reveal who the father actually is. It turns out though to be a red hearing. Marilyn Garbanza seems like an Alias-type name, such as Anna Espinoza. Garbanza also could be a play on words to the surname Garber or Garner.
  2. Actor Victor Garber guest stars as a judge on episode 5.12, We, the Juries, which features a drug trafficking case about an unlikely couple and most of the arguments have to do with examining their relationship and what happened on vacation and on the plane. Although coming off like a bit of spoof, the subject matter was very Alias-like since places like Cuba, crazy things happening on airplanes, and Sydney's job requiring her to sometimes seduce some dorky-science-academic types was something the TV series explored. Victor Garber was a main character on all five seasons of Alias.
  3. Getting back to the season 5 Kalinda/Jenna/Damian subplot, Kalinda's story lines tend to actually be the more serious crime drama aspects of the series, since the character and characters she surrounds herself with tend to cross the line and get a bit into a crime underworld with Kalinda being a master at deception. It gives the series a slight espionage feel.
  4. The season 5 episode right before Victor Garber's guest stint episode, David and Goliath, features a "Glee"-like case about music copyright derivatives and infringement. (This is the "Thicky Trick" episode).

So My question is, is this a derivative and an intentional musical reference to Alias?

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    The most likely person to be able to correctly answer this is the composer of the 'Good Wife' score: David Buckley. For anyone else, an answer would be conjecture. – Michael C Oct 25 '18 at 19:56

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