I have this piece I need to learn, but I don't know the name so I can't search for any performances of it. Anyone have any idea what the piece is called? It's for trumpet.



Why do you need to find a performance of this exercise in order to learn it? Everything you need is right there in front of you. I hope this doesn't sound harsh, but for most of the history of music notation (i.e. "sheet music", if you will), audio recordings of any given piece were not instantly available to the musician tasked with playing the piece! That's what the score is for: to tell the musician(s) what to play and how to play it.

It appears to be an exercise written to specifically test one's ability to differentiate slight differences in rhythmic and chromatic elements, as well as to demonstrate proper changes in dynamics based on reading the instructions included in the printed music. To learn such a piece by rote rather than by reading the musical notation on the paper (or screen) in front of you would kind of defeat the entire purpose of such an exercise.

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