I know this is definitely a long shot but I am unable to get the name if this English song for nearly two decades. I heard this song in 1990/91 in a CD which had only 5 or 6 songs. I have only a slight idea about the lyrics and its been more than 15 years since I have heard it. Below are the things I remember.

1.) The CD contains The Chimes - Heaven song (I think its the first song in the disk).

2.) The song I am looking for is a sung entirely by a female artist.

3.) Its a very very slow melody (she almost cries singing the song I remember). The song starts with a humming (Oooooo...)

4.) It contains words like "What you're after, do you know", "Who s watching me" (I am definitely not sure about the words, but it sounded like this.)

5.) Saxophone is used to good extent in this song. Dribbling of Cymbals in Drums (metallic disk in the drums kit) towards the end of the song.

Can anyone identify this song?

Thanks in Advance, DeeJay


Maybe Love Comes to Mind by The Chimes?

  • Album (although more than 5-6 songs) contains Heaven
  • Sung entirely by female artist
  • Slow tempo... starts with "Oooo"s and hums
  • No direct match on lyrics, but those were admittedly vague
  • Not a saxophone, but another wind instrument is prominent. Also... not sure what is meant by "metallic disk in drum kit", but the mix of this song includes very crisp hi-hat/zills, and they are apparent towards the outro
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    I gotta say its a very good guess. But unfortunately not this song Rich. The singer has a near opera singer voice and the song was way slower than this and as I told almost cries while singing. Saxophone was surely used I remember.
    – DeeJay007
    Oct 23 '18 at 9:34

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