In 2015, I saw a video called "Anime Communist Party", was an anime slideshow with an epic russian music, with less than 1k views (idk why i was watching this)

Soo, that video got deleted, and i can't find the creator... (there is another video with same name, but from another person with another music)

I searched on multiple playlists with russian music, russian folk covers, ucranian music, etc, but i still can't find

Me trying to hum it

The only things i know:

  • Isn't an popular communist hymn
  • Maybe it has the words "ленд рога" (landarouga?)
  • Maybe it was an unpopular cover or an original russian song
  • Probably not too unpopular, idk how the video author got this music
  • It had two vocals, an main male vocal, and an female in the chorus
  • It had an epic atmosphere, and eletric guitars
  • I already thought it was a cover of this song, probably not, but i think the both songs have an similar feeling
  • Some russians tried to help me, but they couldn't find the song, probably the music isn't an classical, folk, or and old russian music
  • Hi @AndreAugusto, the link to your hum of the music is dead. – Brahadeesh Apr 25 at 6:34

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