Was wondering if anyone can help me. I am searching for the full song and lyrics of this beautiful song which I cannot seem to find the title or the song anywhere. I only have a snippet of it and this is what I could make out from the lyrics:

There’s a boat passing by
And it’s glowing with Northern Lights
I’m the one who comes back
Running into heart (attack?)
With my aim pretty high
And I can’t get satisfied

Take my hand, let me walk you there
I wouldn’t mind at all
Take a good look at what you’ve got
You’ll always be a necessity

There’s a hole in my backyard
Where I put all Christmas cards
And I’ll think every night
Because I’m still not satisfied

  • Do you know the genre? Is the singer a man or woman? Do you know which instruments are playing? – Karlo Nov 1 '18 at 20:51
  • It is a male singer. It sounds like a country song or a guitar playing a sentimental song. I have a short clip of the music file, is there any way I can fwd or put up the music file? – Joylicious music Nov 2 '18 at 11:56
  • 1
    Search on the lyrics : "take my hand let me walk you there" "take a good look" leads to a post on baidu, google-translated , with other lyrics matching what you quote which states that it comes from the OST of 2002 short film "My straight boyfriend". director Jorge Ameer has a Twitter account. If the song is from the film, maybe you could ask him ? – Angst Dec 1 '18 at 18:03

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