I'm looking for an apologetic song with a theme of "you're loving me now, but give it time and I’m gonna make you hate me."

It was a female artist and it was popular in early 2015. I can’t remember any specific lyric or the tune. But it was a slower ballad type song and I used to listen to it on a radio station that boasts “80’s, 90’s and now”. I’ve searched the charts from that time and come up blank but it could’ve been an older song that was just getting a lot of air time then. I’ve been searching for days and it’s driving me crazy. Please help.

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    Hi Lisa and welcome. You have almost no details of the song except "Female, ballad, 2015"... please try to add more or the question will likely be closed.
    – Bebs
    Nov 12 '18 at 11:09

Possibly Amy Winehouse I'm No Good. The timeframe isn't quite right (2006) but the mood is similar --she's warning her lover about her bad qualities.

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