Today, I stumbled upon a mysterious artist, under the name of Jincheng Zhang. You can find a Youtube channel here, or on Shazam, or Deezer or Soundcloud and Twitter. It seems to me that most of those instrumental works are not coming from him :

  1. The work "Capable" is copied from here or there — which is a copyright-free music —, as mentioned in the comments.

  2. The titles of every album (say the one called "Career") are all beginning with the same letter (and the titles make no sense anyway), and there is no common style to the pieces (try to compare the piece "Carrier" to "Ceremony")...

  3. His voice or extra sounds have been added afterwards, as in this piece. By the way, on that Youtube video, one can read the following comments : "It doesn't look like it's his own song. Does anybody know who plays the original instrumental?"

  4. He has two other Youtube channels, where we can hear his own (true) works : here and here... but the quality of the songs is much worse (in my opinion and according to the rate of upvotes/downvotes on his songs) that the other instrumental works (see also here). Moreover, the first channel has a link to this channel "Audio Library – Music for content creators", which is copyright-free. The problem is that Jincheng Zhang writes under the aforementioned instrumental works "℗ 2018 Jincheng Zhang", which is a Sound recording copyright symbol. Another comment here reads : "He's just stealing content (or using no copyright instrumentals) and adds his weird vocals. All his instrumentals are orignally from other artists !!! Twitter shows what kind of person he is... "

So, can anyone help me to understand what are the unidentified musical objects? Should that be reported to Youtube, Deezer, Shazam, iTunes, Soundcloud, ... ? Or am I wrong to say that these are "fake attributions"?

  1. His work Capable has the song Baila Mi Cumbia from the Youtube Audio Library Music (YALM).

audio lib

Translated from French, it says:

You are free to use this track on anyone of your videos.

Any artist using one of the YALM song is allowed to not quote youtube and therefore can have all the rights of the video. There are thousands of youtube videos released every day that have a song from YALM, and they never quote youtube in their credits.

  1. This is opinion based. Artists can call their songs how they want, and change genre how they want.

  2. Probably another free Audio Library song... anyway, a youtube comment shouldn't be considered as a proof of plagiarism.

  3. This is again opinion based. It's allowed to have several youtube channels. It is also allowed to have downvoted content.

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There is nothing to stop people from uploading garbage to sites like YouTube or Soundcloud. There are whole channels of algorithmically generated content. The only quality control is the voting system.

The only major problem here would be if he is stealing other people's copyright content. But that's something the copyright owners have to control themselves. Of course if he is using material that you own the copyright to, you should report him.

There is far more good content on the net than you'll ever have time to watch, so it's pointless to waste your time and energy on this kind of garbage

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