During the reception ceremony for the Belgian Red Lions, the male Belgian national hockey team, who recently became world champions, they played a lot of songs. I'm personally wondering about one song in particular, a song I would describe as "techno dubstep", with a 7 beat rhythm in what I think is the drop with an instrument that I can best describe as a constant finger-mouth popping sound. It can be heard in the following song at 59:40 (the URL should roughly bring you to a couple seconds before the drop):


Sorry that it's a Facebook video with Dutch commentary over it, I couldn't find a cleaner link that wasn't behind a login wall.

I'm wondering what the song is named and who the artist is. I'm fairly sure I heard it a couple times earlier during other major sports events in relation to Belgian sports teams, like after won matches by the Red Devils or on other reception ceremonies, but given that it seems to be a purely instrumental song with no vocals, it's hard to find the name.

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That would be Animals by Martin Garrix. Great song!

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    This was exactly the song I was looking for.
    – Nzall
    Dec 20, 2018 at 14:58

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