YouTube has the full song, under which are the lyrics:

Did you mean what you said?
when you left me out at the corner
Cause the words in my head,
left me smiling but confused
Wondering, if you know just how I'm feeling
Can't you tell me what is really on your mind?
Did you mean what you said?
when you slammed the door behind you
Was a hard talking when you said but we were done?
Need some time so we can talk it over,
but please don't take the easy way out

With so many words we lose ourselves
With so many words we lose our way
But it's those few words that lead me back to you
But it's those few words that make me love you

Was the love on your mind?
when you lay your head beside me
Cause I was filled with surprise
when you whisper in my ear
I'm sorry baby, that I never say I love you
But it's hard for me to find a way to say how I feel

I first heard it on "Episode 41 of "Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City" released on Mon Mar 28, 2016", of which there is a clip on YouTube where the song starts at 0:57.

I hear 1 piano, and 1 female singer. I'm guessing this was composed in a major key?

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This Redditor identified the song. I pasted his answer on Reddit beneath the line.

it’s called “those few words,” by michael austen and daniel corbin and possibly someone else. it appears to be a song written specifically for television, for sale to whoever wants to buy the license–kind of like stock music. you can find the full attribution here:


warning:their site is seriously jacked on mobile. that’s why i can’t tell who else might be credited with writing or performing this tune.

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