I knew what I was doing was wrong, relying on user-generated playlists on youtube to keep track of important music, but I did it any way. And now, I need help. The playlists I used to frequent have now been infected with the VEMO and other big business sponsored artists that to the untrained ear sound enough the same as the important artists, but are lacking the vital messages I feel are important to drive our society forward into the next age.

To that end, music has always been a treasure for me, so to lose some of these vaporwave tracks along the way and not been able to remember the names has bothered me. This brings me to my question:

There exists, or did exist, a music video for a song, which I am trying to find. Strange figures dance on a beach, wearing Michael Meyers masks, as haunting vaporwave plays over the background. There are some strange vocals which still linger in my mind to this day and I want to know the song so I can confirm in some way that it actually happened.

Trying to find it on YT in 2018, I can only find copycat playlists, where only a few songs remain of the lost playlist that was glued to the top of my 2013 YT. You may remember the list by this thumbnail:

Thumbnail for Lost Playlist, Containing Lost Song

Doing the same query, 'strawberry skies games playlist' in 2018 only brings up copycats which seem to exist only to capitalize on people's inattentiveness. Some popular trends it seems were to include a few of the songs that were on this lost list, as people would often seek those out, then be funneled to more 'profitable' videos. These were some of the ones I liked: Kavinsky - Nightcall, A Real Hero - College/Electric Youth, Games - Midi Drift

Blank Banshee and Mac Plus I also remember being up there and liking the change.

If anyone has any information, please help.

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