I was watching Havana Nights where this song really captured me. I haven't heard any song with having such rhythm before. What is the genre of this kinda music ? Salsa, latino pop or what ?

Also, what is the drum-like thing that is keeping the rhythm ? Its not drums but probably something like that, with very distinct beats(?), I donno if you get which I am talking about. It was present in all the music from this movie, we don't hear this instrument in the pop songs that we hear.

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This sounds to be a modern pop song built on top of a sample of a traditional Cuban salsa song. I can't identify the exact sample, but the rhythm and horns are very reminiscent of Salsa. You can compare Cardi B's recent hit Like It for a similar fusion.

The rhythm probably isn't a single instrument. Salsa rhythm sections are typically built around a combination of congas and bongos. There might also be a guiro in the mix, and maybe even a cabesa or other shaker instrument. Bells of various types are also common, but I'm not hearing them on this recording.

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