I just can't figure out what was the music video with that description.

A black man starts to run with a zombie/voodoo glaze in his eyes. He miss-steps and his leg turns to dust etc. Eventually he gets hit by a car and is completely vaporised. It's black/white video if I remember right. Some kind of electronic music. First comes to mine is "faithless" but can't find anything like that from him.

  • The music video was directed by Chris Cunningham and was one of the first videos to be put into DVD quality featured in the demo disc featured in issue 50 of The Official UK PlayStation Magazine. - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afrika_Shox – Benjamin A Melville Jan 31 '20 at 10:59

The music video you're looking for is the electronic music track Africa Shox by Leftfield & Afrika Bambaataa.

The video is not in black and white, but there is not much colours and shades are almost grey.

  • Main character is a black man with zombie glaze.

  • He gets hit by a car and is vaporised.

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