Video 1:


Video 2( 0min39s ~ 2min30s):


And I know the second BGM is from artlist. I just cannot know which song it is..

Actually I have used SoundHound and Shazam to find it before ask this question but I get nothing.. Could anyone tell me a method to find a BGM from a specified video?

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    Unfortunately, there's no general approach if the identification apps fail. Often, in that case, the BGM is "library music" which is (generally) purchased, can be used without attribution, and is often deliberately anonymous. There's enough free and low-cost library music available (some of it quite high quality) that most content providers will prefer using it to running the risk of a copyright claim from unlicensed music. Jan 22 '19 at 22:16

The music in the first video is Emergent by Elliot Middleton. It's a royalty-free track (sample link). The fade-in intro was cut in the video, directly playing the first note on the piano.

The artist was mentioned in the description of the video:

Music by Elliot Middleton:

While the website only linked to his SoundCloud (and the music was not uploaded on there), googling his name returned the above royalty-free site and then listening to the first few seconds of each music from the top until Emergent.

The second video didn't give any clue (no credit on the video nor the description), and even then, there were so many comments asking for the name of the song but no result.

Unfortunately, as Chris Sunami said in the comment, nowadays there are too many "library music" that even SoundHound and Shazam couldn't possibly cover all of them...

  • I know the second BGM from artlist, well I just don't know which song it is..
    – yode
    Jan 25 '19 at 4:14
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    @yode interesting, unless I'm missing something obvious, now I'm curious how you knew the second one was from artlist! :)
    – Andrew T.
    Jan 25 '19 at 5:17
  • The author had tell me that his BGM subscribe to that website
    – yode
    Jan 25 '19 at 5:26

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