I think a great many people have watched the Everything Is Terrible: Spider's I Wanna Die! video but I really cannot find anything that indicates whether it is real or fake.

We can see that even though is starts with "Live from the Buris(?) studios" there is clearly parts that could not be live such as holding a knife not singing but the song continues, (:42).

The last shot on the video Kevin Clemence - rock music, (2:24), also leads nowhere.

So was this an actual artist and song?


I am also dying to know. I can only assume that is a) from a public access cable show, or b) possibly a "warning" film made to show the dangers of rock and roll. It looks like it was made during the great "satanic scare" era of heavy metal music in the mid 1980s. There were also a number of similar style "just say no to drugs" movies made at the same time. Usualy made locally. Or by various churches or educational organizations. One I remember in particular was called "Goin Along For The Ride" It was shot on video, and showed how a bunch of suburban stoners ended up in a drive by shooting. Because they all partied in their friend's parent's basement. But that did not have anything near the musical enrichment that the "Spider" video does. As far as Spider is concerened, I'm placing my bet on public access cable tv. Please let us know if you learn anything more!

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