What is the name of the musical piece from commercial # 2 of the anime “mermaids scar”?

  • Yes. Mermaid Scar, commercial #2. I think it’s Gymnopedie #5. – Tom Feb 7 at 4:00
  • Erik Satie-gymnopedie no.1, thanks to those who tried. It’s a great piece. – Tom Feb 7 at 16:28
  • you can turn your comment into an answer and accept your own answer, odd though it seems..... – Angst Feb 7 at 19:10
  • Sorry, Gymnopedie #1, Erik Satie. It’s a great piece. – Tom Feb 7 at 20:37
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    The cello melody only shares four notes with Satie's first Gymnopedie. – Karlo Feb 9 at 20:17

As per the original poster, in the comments:

Erik Satie - Gymnopedie no.1

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    You should write it as "Community Wiki" if the answer is taken from someone else in the comments. – Bebs Feb 19 at 8:46

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