1990s Video, a rock video I think, with lots of girls in the background; like Cleopatra wig wearing girls with wings, slow dancing in sync in the background and blowing bubblegum. They all looked like the Nanny from the then TV Series. I never did see the video again and I didn't get the song's tune because the sound was turned down.

  • Is this possibly Robert Palmers Addicted to Love? – UnhandledExcepSean Feb 11 at 1:19
  • No, these girls were all dressed like almost ancient Egyptian girls with fake feathered wings which they alternatively spread one way and then the other while chewing bubblegum. Also, it was later than Addicted to Love, like mid nineties, there were a lot of them, maybe 20 girls and it was an alternative rock band. – GLove Feb 17 at 1:25

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