I am trying to find more songs with this rhythm (drum and bass) and arrangement style.

Can you help me figure out what songs/genres have used similar licks, chord progression, the arrangement style used in the intro and throughout the song?

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This is Indie Pop, a style that developed in the mid 90s and was big in the early 2000s. You can still find a lot of it, but not generally on the radio. Here's a brief history of it:

In the 80s, the dominant pop sound was highly produced, and filled with synthesizers, power guitars, saxophones and drum machines. In reaction, new styles came into style in the 90s --alternative rock, and grunge --that prized authenticity, and had a low-fi, gritty sound, and less processed vocals and instruments. Indie Pop came just a little later. It had some of the same aesthetic, but with a lighter, more melodic, crowd-pleasing sound that took inspiration from 60s & 70s "power pop". The name "Peppertones", echoing the classic Beatles album "Sgt Pepper", suggests that this band might have similar influences.

Here's the Dave Matthews Band.
Here's Fountains of Wayne.
Here's Phantom Planet.
Here's the Shins.
Here's Supergrass.
Here's a random mix I found by googling "Indie Pop".

It's worth noting that the last part of "Close up the World" is the theme song to the classic 80s video game Super Mario Bros.

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