Trying to find the name of the family theme from the Legend of the Blue Sea television series. This soundtrack is unfortunately not in the soundtrack list.

This link directs to the relevant scene in the show where you can hear the track.


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It's not clear from your question which theme you are looking for, but what seems to be a complete soundtrack listing is in the Wikipedia article:

"Love Story" Kim Jang-woo Kim Ji-hyang
"A World That Is You" (그대라는 세상) Han Joo Lee Yoo-jin Yoon Mi-rae
"Lean on You" (너에게 기울어가) Kim Ji-hyang
"Shy Boy" (설레이는 소년처럼) Shin Hae-chul
"Somewhere Someday" (어디선가 언젠가) Kim Eana
"Wind Flower" (바람꽃)
"Fool" (바보야) Honey Pot
"Why Would I Do Like This" (내가 왜 이럴까) Noh Ah-ram (Coffee Boy) Noh
"Day By Day" (하루에 하나씩)
"If Only" (만에 하나)
"Love Road" (사랑길) Kim Ji-hyang
"Sound Of Ocean" Ryo Yoshimata Ryo Yoshimata
"Memories" Yoshimata Yoshimata
"The Last Time" Yoshimata Yoshimata
"Hidden Story" (숨겨진 이야기) Second Moon
"My Name" (나의 이름) Second Moon
"The Way to Meet You" (너를 찾아 가는길) Second Moon
"At This Time" (다음 이시간에)


  • Thank you! Unfortunately, the soundtrack that I am looking for is not on this list. I pasted a link to the relevant scene from the drama.
    – sung-ee
    Jun 18, 2019 at 2:07

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