What is the difference between the "Trap" and "Drill" subgenres of rap music? Both sound very similar.

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"Trap" music is a primarily southern subgenre of rap, lyrically oriented around drug dealing, characterized by rapid hi-hats, and popularized by Atlanta rapper T.I.'s album Trap Muzik.

"Drill" is a Chicago based subgenre of Trap that emerged more recently.

Drill lyrics typically reflect life on the streets, and tend to be gritty, violent, realistic and nihilistic. Drill rappers use a grim, deadpan delivery, often filtered through Auto-Tune... Though it bears many similarities to trap music, the speed of a drill beat is generally slower with a moderate tempo, having about 60 to 70 beats per minute.


There is also a similar, UK-based variant called "UK Drill."


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