Back in 2016 there was this "Monster Truck Evolution" video that showed the evolution of those things and it had a song that I'm looking for. Its hard because the video was taken down and i only got the URL of it: https://youtu.be/4WsvM6s0ARw

  • It started with a slow clean guitar playing some "sad" or "chill" melody (it was a simple one, not too complex from what i remember)
  • It had some sort of delay effect (or there was an echo in the whole song)
  • It had some orchestral instrument that sounded like a bass (probably a cello) sounding in the background. It wasn´t too clear to hear but I know there was something at the start probably playing one single note until the next part comes in.
  • The next part is where a "crash" happened in the video, where a Monster Truck was rolling over. At the time this happens, some orchestral instruments like cellos play something that starts from a low note that slowly builds up into a higher note (it has a "more epic" sound)
  • Then an electric guitar plays a melody that has less or around 10 notes, it keeps playing it with some more "orchestral music?" in the background and keeps building up until the end of the song, at the end some bass horn playing a low note.
  • Song had no lyrics,
  • speed started slow and went a little faster (not too much)
  • it was an instrumental
  • It had this "sad" vibe until it built to a more epic vibe,
  • you can probably imagine something in a slow pace at the start until it started building up to what it is today, you can get what i mean if you look at some old and new monster truck videos.
  • I'd say the song its from the 80's-2010's, i can't remember much of the quality of sound so i can't tell at all.
  • I think its a epic symphonic/orchestral slow metal genre
  • video was uploaded between 2014-2016

This is a real shot in the dark, but the way the song builds up gradually from a simple melody reminds me of Ravel's Bolero. However, that's a classical piece for orchestra.

I did do a search, and there's several hard rock covers of the song. So, is it potentially one of these?



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    Now that you mentioned it, it could be a hard rock/metal cover of some classical/orchestral song, I think i confused people with the description of the song. The song itself had a similarity to "O Fortuna" in terms of the build up and in the end, youtube.com/watch?v=GXFSK0ogeg4. Lets say that the song/ sad guitar melody starts at 0:24 and in the "crash" is at 1:37, thats where that distorted guitar plays the epic melody and more stuff unti that low note. Ill try to record a video on my guitar the parts that i remember and put it here on a couple of days.
    – Swegliner
    Feb 27 '19 at 2:38

Contrary to the first answer, I would say the description sounds more like some typical post-rock song, especially something by Japanese band MONO.

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