What is the instrumental song that is played just at the start of the ending credits of the movie Secret Superstar (2017)?

I posted this question since I couldn't find any information about this from IMDb. I also checked the soundtracks list in Wikipedia but I couldn't find that exact song. It seems to be a modified version of Nachdi Phira but the instrumental Nachdi Phira versions that I found on YouTube all sound different.

Here's a link to the full movie: https://rdxhd.cool/watch-secret-superstar-2017-online

The song starts at 2:23:59, after "TO MOTHERS... AND MOTHERHOOD" (start of the ending credits).


The instrumental song at the end credits sounds very different from Nachdi Phira.

  • The instrumental song is slow and sounds almost like a lullaby, whereas Nachdi Phira is joyous and vigorous.

  • The key phrases in both the pieces are also different; for instance, the second half of the instrumental song has a "pitter-patter" movement which is absent in Nachdi Phira. And, although the instrumental song seems to use the same notes as Nachdi Phira, the refrain of the latter does not appear anywhere in the former.


  • As you mentioned, the instrumental piece is not listed as a part of the movie's soundtrack on Wikipedia or IMDb.

  • The instrumental song is only 45 seconds long, and ends in a comedic fashion with the sound of a record being stopped.

  • The instrumental song is not remotely similar to any of the other songs mentioned in the movie's soundtrack, either.

So, all this leads me to believe that this instrumental song is just one of the many uncredited soundtracks that were composed for the movie, and it is not possible to identify it any further.

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