Ref: How are backward messages created on tracks?

What does the famous 'hidden message' at the end of Strawberry Fields Forever actually say?

The conspiracy theorists would have us believe it's "I buried Paul."


The Wikipedia article about Strawberry Fields Forever says the following:

In 1974, McCartney said, "That wasn't 'I buried Paul' at all – that was John saying 'cranberry sauce' … That's John's humour … If you don't realise that John's apt to say cranberry sauce when he feels like it, then you start to hear a funny little word there, and you think, 'Aha!'"


  • Pretty sure Paul was blowing the question off with that statement. That's definitely Paul's sense of humor showing. :o)
    – Johnny Bones
    May 21 '15 at 13:50
  • @Johhny Bones He might be, however, when listening to the Anthology versions John saying 'cranberry sauce' can clearly be heard. I believe he even admitted to saying it, although I have no source to back that.
    – Makki
    May 21 '15 at 14:03

The points go to Makki for the first correct answer - but in the interests of historical [almost] completeness, the last 5 phrases are…

Had enough?
Cranberry sauce
Cranberry sauce
Alright, calm down Ringo.

I really can't tell what he's saying before that point.

The only world-wide released version of those last few lines with nothing but the drum mikes it was leaked into I'm aware of is on the Anthology [edit of take 7 & RS25]

This is as clear as I can get the voice [at a cost to the drum sound]
Cranberry Sauce

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