I accidentally stumbled upon these guys on Spotify and couldn't help but ask why they chose to go with this name. The Wikipedia entry doesn't say much and a Google search brought nothing so I'll have to turn to the collective wisdom of Stack Exchange for an answer. Seems like a very unlikely name for a British metal band to me so I'd like to know if they ever discussed the etymology.

  • Current version of PR has an FB page - maybe you could ask via that ? Often, names for bands either have some meaning, or the name is some random thing which just stuck
    – Angst
    Mar 10 '19 at 13:49

John Deverill, the original vocalist named it after a racehorse of the day!

  • 4
    is there anything out there you could quote as a source for that ? it would make the answer better. "Persian risk" sounds very much like the name of a racehorse tbh
    – Angst
    Jan 2 at 14:53

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