Song's been in my head all day. About 100 BPM. It's more electronic. Only vocals for first 2 measures, no lyrics, just a male voice going "ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo" hitting a very high a#, then repeats the ooo's but in an even higher d. After 2 measures of it the song drops, there are super sweet drums and those vocals repeat for the whole song. It sounds a lot like Chet Faker, but I've been looking through his discography and can't find it. The "ooo"s sound a lot like the ones in this song at 40 seconds. Just slower https://youtu.be/6vopR3ys8Kw?t=40 Please help me and thank you.

  • Hi @WilliamAvila, welcome to Music Fans SE. Identification questions need more details to be answerable. Please read the tour that will give you the scope of identification questions. Here is a list of relevant details that you should specify. – Brahadeesh Apr 4 at 10:50

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