So my brother passed away in 2008. He was really into underground music and I’ve been trying to find a song that he put on a cd for me once. I can’t remember specifics but I remember the first couple lines was about them being in a car or truck in the cold or snow? I know this isn’t much but I hope someone can help me. I’ve been searching for years with no luck.


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    Can you describe the musical style/genre, instruments, speed, language or any other details of the song? – Arsak Mar 27 at 5:11
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    Well it was so long ago and I only heard it a few times at most but for some reason I can’t stop trying to remember it. It was slow to mid tempo. Definitely guitar in the beginning. I believe the male voice was first followed by the female’s. Probably some type of emo or punk since my brother was in that phase. I’m sorry I can’t remember more but I’m desperately hoping to find an answer. – Sarah Zarate Mar 29 at 0:57

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