recently I heard song but don't know the title probably slow rock or ballad rock in 60's or 70's and I am very curious about the title the ref of the song sound like this "ooh goodbye, goodbye my life (or my love) I know where I living(not sure) ooh goodbye goodbye my life probably song form rock-band any ideas will be very helpful please


Goodbye My Love by Emilie Mover from Mighty Time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78_PiPs_s9M

  • thank you for your support but it is not the right answer.. the voice is male and quite rock.. – Hana Tsukishima Mar 28 at 7:19

Shot in the dark here, but maybe Time, from Alan Parsons?

  • Hi @Marc, welcome to Music Fans SE. This answer would benefit from more details - what makes you feel that this is what the OP is in search of? Also, do go through our tour to know more about how we operate. Cheers :) – Brahadeesh Apr 14 at 1:19

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